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ARC provides NY-based 501(c)(3) rescue groups, certified trap-and-release experts, and NYS certified wildlife/animal rehabilitators with emergency food, supplies, and preventative medications. We help individuals of smaller non-profit rescue organizations care for animals and ensure they have access to new, quality food and basic necessities. We do this through implementation of three annual food drives, by  collecting nourishing food and helpful supplies year-round, and by purchasing requested food and items. Our goals are to wholeheartedly support rescuers' tireless efforts to keep animals safe, healthy, and happy, and, give back to the people who give so much. (We all know what it's like to need a little help sometimes.)


Our second service, ARC's national Disaster Relief Effort, aids rescue organizations and families with furry loved ones impacted by any natural disaster. When natural disasters strike, we immediately research the impacted areas and form relationships with non-profits and rescues to confirm their credibility and the validity of groups. Once approved by ARC, we begin to collect food, funds, and supplies through our preferred partners, corporations, and our local communities. We send items to disaster area safe points for 30 days.


Complimentary education is hard to come by these days, but then again, so are people so devoted to the cause, they would give their last dollar to help animals. Here at ARC we believe that education is the key to not only creating stronger rescue groups and alliances, but it's the key to saving more animals.


When rescuers have the knowledge and resources they need to build the best organization possible, lives will be saved, non-profits will thrive, and both people and animals will benefit. Throughout the course of the year, we offer several public courses, such as:  Optimizing Cat and Dog Wellness, How to Start a Non-Profit OrganizationThe Fundamentals of Non-Profit Management, and Introduction to Marketing.  Interested in a course or topic? Contact us via the CONTACT tab.

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