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Your donations allow us to continue to create and deliver our signature supply Paw Packages to rescues in need.  Additionally, donors who give unwanted items are helping our environment by recycling their gently used contributions.

More than anything, we seek monetary donations to help with shipping expenses, food, and supplies to aid the never-ending, dire needs of rescuers. Because ARC holds a large amount of inventory as a food and supply bank, we are able to give to many ARC verified rescue organizations. Please always remember, no donation is too small.




Monetary donations are extremely important. They serve as miracles to thousands of animals in need and to the people who save them. For example, $30 will buy milk for a week for a littler of newborn kittens; $60 will feed a litter of puppies for up to two weeks; $90 will pay for flea and tick prevention medication for 10 animals; $100 will feed 20 feral cats for up to two weeks, or, 7-10 homeless, adoptable dogs; $500 provides 12 rescuers with brand new carriers; $1200 will purchase new, spacious crates with crate mat, a blanket, potty pads, and toys for 15-17 homeless dogs or cats. 


Will you spare $15.00 a month to help us aid hundreds of people and animals in need? Head over to our DONATE button below, choose the amount you would like to donate monthly via PayPal or credit card, and you are all set!


ARC is in great need of family, legacy, or corporate gifts over $1000 to be used to keep a well-stocked inventory of food and supplies. We welcome monetary gifts in memory of a beloved pet, family member, other loved one, or, as a corporate sponsor. When legacy grants are used in emergencies, a legacy letter accompanies food and supplies.  The letter tells a beautiful story of the honored individual or pet never to be forgotten. For family donations, a letter will also be included, and, for corporate gifts, any marketing collateral provided will be included in the package as well. 


Our rescue effort supply donations enable us to build a robust inventory of items to be delivered and distributed as the need for items are requested. Find our wish list on by searching Animal Rescues Charity, Inc.

We currently seek new, clean, and gently used:

dog and cat (corn, soy, and grain-free if possible) wet and dry food and treats (not expired; cans not dented, please), bath and beach towels, feeding bottles, high quality kitten and puppy milk and formula, unopened paper towels, surgical tape, gauze pads, syringes, surgical gloves, puppy training pads or surgical under pads, pet crates and carriers, crate mats/pads, cat beds, pet blankets, pet fall and winter wear, glass and stainless steel bowls, dog and cat collars and flat leashes, dog and cat toys (preferably new, no paint), cat scratchers for crates, litter pans and litter, new Nylabones, low-sodium canned tuna in water, Seventh Generation, Method, The Good Home Co. (or other cruelty-free and eco-friendly) hand soap and spray disinfectant, sponges, bleach, crates, carriers, and cat litter, litter pans, and scoopers.

Mail items, checks, or money orders to Animal Rescues Charity, Inc. at P.O. Box 103, Jericho, NY 11753 or email us for a list of drop-off points. Keep postage receipts and a list of contributions as part of your tax-deductible, wonderful deed.


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