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The Animal Rescues Charity, Inc. (ARC) is a 501(c)(3), New York-based charitable foundation with a core mission to support the dire needs of smaller, New York-based certified non-profit rescue groups and individuals, certified trap-and-release professionals, and licensed rehabilitators through the distribution of food and supplies.   

As advocates of controlling the pet population, we are well aware of the importance of trap-and-release groups and rescue organizations, which is one reason why ARC was created and why it is so critical to assist rescuers. 


ARC is a tripartite organization established as food bank. ARC is free service focused on the welfare and well-being of animals, their immediate environment, and the earth. Aid from ARC comes in many forms, as in financial aid for medical, dental, and housing costs, and via food, supplies, and preventative medications to assist in caring for all animals—especially those who are sick, injured, abused, and homeless.


Our second service, ARC's national Disaster Relief Effort, aids rescue organizations and families with furry loved ones impacted by any natural disaster. When natural disasters strike, we immediately research the impacted areas and form relationships with non-profits and rescues to confirm their credibility and the validity of groups. Once approved by ARC, we begin to collect food, funds, and supplies through our preferred partners, corporations, and our local communities. We send items to disaster area safe points for 30 days.

Lastly, the Animal Rescues Charity, Inc. is comprised of altruistic researchers and business leaders, who offer their knowledge and experiences in animal welfare and health, and business development, free-of-charge! This means that workshops, seminars, and other trainings are available to new or pre-existing organizations. By offering educational courses to the animal rescue community, we are equipping people with the building blocks and plans to do what they do very best ---- SAVE ANIMALS ---- without incurring or spending any additional expenses.

ECO-FRIENDLY! ARC is committed to creating eco-friendly rescues. This means providing rescues with the most natural cleaning products and animal welfare items, which may reduce organizations' carbon footprints when compared to traditionally used cleaning supplies and other goods.

We are so thankful to have a community of generous, loving people, and need all the love and support we can get to continue doing what we do on a daily basis. Please considering donating to ARC as an individual or corporation and join us as we help people, help animals, and save lives ™.


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