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Helping People
Help Animals
and Save Lives.

 We support 501(c)(3) animal rescues, sanctuaries, and rehabilitators through our fundraising and educational initiatives, collecting food, supplies, and monetary donations, and by giving lots of love to the rescued and the humans who rescue them. 


The Animal Rescues Charity, Inc. (ARC) loves all creatures and the environment, which is why we work hard to support animal welfare organizations to secure and optimize the health, climate, wellbeing, and future of homeless, neglected, and injured animals.

ARC's Story

"I was raised by parents who instilled in me many perspectives and beliefs; one being the principle that all creatures are our equals and deserve to live healthy, joyous lives. This is why I founded ARC—to serve as a safety net and resource for our fantastic rescuers who are credited for saving thousands of lives each year. I developed ARC to help rescuers in more ways than one and that's just what we're doing." — Teresa,

ARC's Founder

What We Do

ARC is a FOOD BANK focused on eliminating animal starvation, homelessness, and neglect.

We provide the animal rescue community access to quarterly and emergency food and supplies.

ARC's DISASTER RELIEF EFFORT service aids rescues and families with furry loved ones impacted by natural disasters. 

ARC also offers educational support opportunities via our ANIMAL WELFARE-RELATED EDUCATION program.

Ways to Donate

Donating to ARC is easy! Individuals, groups, and organizations may send food, supplies, checks, money orders, and gift cards to our mailing address. Donors may also give using PayPal. Please visit our GIVING tab for all options on how to become a part of our mission!
Find us on by searching for our wish list:

Animal Rescues Charity, Inc.

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